S-Moove vs Camper

Do you like to find in a vehicle environments, shapes, solutions, apparently similar to home furnishing?
Then choose a camper!
You will be amazed to see, as in a doll house, space and miniature home items. But evaluate if the spaces and equipment are really functional ... you're not miniaturized!

Do you want a tiny house on wheels, to be used only on travel occasions?
Then choose a camper!
Then remember that whatever you do, from a month's holiday to the Sunday race, to the bike race ... you will always carry the whole house, even those parts that you will not need.

If you only need the IDEA OF A HOUSE, choose a camper!

Do you like to find on a vehicle design elements whose shape does not remind you of the furnishing of a home, but does it respond to your specific and changing needs?
Then choose S-Moove!
And think that their shapes are designed to allow you to perform several essential functions in your trip.

Do you want a vehicle to be used every day, which can quickly turn into a functional and welcoming space where to live, work, cook, rest?
Then choose S-Moove!
And know that depending on what you are doing: from a month's holiday to the Sunday race to the bike race ... you can choose, depending on the event, which items to use and which ones you prefer to leave at home.

If you want REAL FREEDOM MOVEMENT, choose to set up your vehicle with the S-Moove system!