Living ... shall we talk about this for just a moment?

When referring to homes, in S-Moove, we have this idea:

The spaces and  equipment in a home are not such for a rule of nature, but are the result of choices dictated by functional, economic, ideological needs ..., operated in different periods and in various cultural and geographical contexts.

When defining the spaces of a home and choosing furniture, we often rely on prefabricated solutions, as if they were really non-questionable rules of nature. And indeed some are just indispensable rules, provided by official regulations, others are conventions, fashions, to which we are more or less consciously submitting.

We don't think we need a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom. We believe, however, that we need cozy places to rest and relax, spacious and functional spaces for cooking, generous areas to work, comfortable beds, spaces and equipment suitable for body care and washing...

When considering the possible solutions to create and set up living spaces, there is an interesting sector to be observed, that of so-called recreational vehicles: camper, roulottes ... Being conceived as mobile homes, they tend to reproduce homes in miniature. But why do they adopt spaces, material and furnishing solutions that are identical to domestic ones, even at the expense of effective functionality? Is the need to recreate a home so strong that you can't explore other layout systems? Why in a problematic and limited space, don't you expect a real feature based on specific and changing travel needs? Can't the sense of welcoming, security, comfort, beauty be given by shapes, materials, geometries other than those we are used to have in homes?