Useful complements

S-Moove recommends you to evaluate various solutions that are easily available in many authorized installers, to increase the performance and versatility of your vehicle.
It is important to understand what your needs are to intervene when needed.
You may need to increase the living space of your vehicle to concentrate on those changes that can "expand" the spaces, for example:
- swivel driver and / or passenger seat: so the cockpit becomes a fully liveable and serviceable rear seat.
- sunroof with bed: in addition to increasing the number of beds, you will also enjoy a larger internal height when you are standing.
- roof curtain, Maggiolina type: perfect removable solution to increase the number of beds without modifying the structure of the vehicle
- awning.

We also recommend taking into consideration the features that increase inner comfort and energy autonomy:
- additional heating installation
- additional batteries
- photovoltaic panels

We will be happy to advise any changes to make to your vehicle according to your needs.