S-Moove for your accessories

In S-Moove we don't tell you what articles you need, because only you know what you really need.
So S-Moove does not offer you furniture packages with a single and specific function.

The freedom that S-Moove assumes means also allowing you to insert and use accessories that you already have and exclude those that for whatever reason you don't need. The only accessory we have found to be useful is that of the sink because it's more complex and, unlike other accessories, such as fireplaces, wc or fridge, it's a set of different items that it's good to be able to offer in a complete kit.

Cooking fires:
There are infinite solutions on the market: portable coffee-makers, cans, alcohol kitchens, gas cookers with several fires. You might already have one and you would like to use it or you might want to buy one that you can use on other occasions, such as a briefcase to take on a hike. You will be free to choose the solutions that make your case, from cheaper to more complex solutions. Our modules allow you to carry your kitchen accessory and place it comfortably on a large countertop.

The toilet:
Here too, there are several solutions available on the market and it is right that you can choose the one you like: dry toilet, with drain tank ... and you may also decide that you don't need it because you prefer to go camping and use its utilities . Our modules are designed to accommodate most of the commercial wc and come with a toilet extractor system to allow you to move it to the most convenient place.

The fridge:
The range of portable refrigerators is truly vast. From the technology used: condensation systems ... all depends on the performance you want, the real dimensions you need, whether or not you need to transport and use them in other contexts. Maybe you might only need to have a thermal bag. The S-Moove system allows you to easily anchor your fridge whether directly to the floor or any of the modules.

We will be happy to advise you on the choice of accessories according to your needs.