Move, Change!

S-Moove is a modular home furniture and travel system.

Container modules designed to be side-by-side, superimposed and movable with ease so you can create new environments according to your needs.
Designed to be transported safely on vehicles, with specially designed systems to ensure fast anchors between the modules and the floor.
S-Moove allows total freedom of positioning thanks to a patented system of specific floor elements, container modules, and accessories.

S-Moove is:
- floor elements designed to accommodate container modules in any position.
- customizable container modules: socket element, container, top element. Designed to be stacked, internally connected and equipped with removable tops that can be placed in a table position.
- bed accessory
- sink accessories: sink, submersible pump, removable faucet, loading and unloading tanks
- Fabric wardrobe to hang
S-Moove is supplied in comfortable kits to mount, if necessary you can always disassemble them, and if you want to change colors and fantasies after a while, you can easily replace the custom wraps.
This way they will always be new and in tune with your tastes.

Contact Us! If you provide us with the information we require in the form, it will be easier for us to show you in what ways and combinations you will be able to use the S-Moove system!