S-Moove® was founded in 2017 by the SAmV® pilot project, which, since 2014, is a major project of the PAeP Architecture and Design studio.
S-Moove deals with a precise sector: mobile fittings. An industry that represents the perfect synthesis of the reflections and experiments done by PAeP over the years.
We have devoted years of work to the rationalization of needs and spaces, to the design of original housing solutions, never based on the simple reproduction of existing models.
We are convinced that the search and understanding of the deep needs of each of us can lead to the creation of new, often unexpected, forms and environments, in tune with our expectations.
With this approach, we have come to explore particularly interesting and complex environments: those of temporary housing and the construction of small and tiny spaces.
Small spaces don't have mercy, every missed opportunity is seen and the smallest mistake strongly affects the functionality of the entire system.
And as emblematic tiny spaces, how not falling in love with the world of recreational vehicles? Campers, trailers, motorhomes ... but also camping tents!
In this perspective, S-Moove is a result of the revision of the concept of recreational vehicles. We try to trace the actual and different needs of those who travel with a certain amount of space and services.
Working on the needs, designing, constructing and testing different solutions, we have come up with an easy, fast, functional and visually impressive system that can equip vehicles with space and elements needed for different travel needs.
The first system with which each person can decide, from time to time, how to organize the spaces inside the vehicle and what elements to include.